What Level Does Pupitar Evolve?

Pupitar evolves from Larvitar at level 30. Pupitar is a Pokémon species that evolves from Larvitar and then into Tyranitar. It is a Rock/Ground type Pokémon and is known for its hard shell that protects it from most attacks.

Evolving from Larvitar

In the Pokémon games, Pupitar evolves from Larvitar when it reaches level 30. This means that a trainer must raise a Larvitar to level 30 in order for it to evolve into Pupitar. This evolution process allows Pupitar to gain new abilities and strengths, making it a more powerful Pokémon in battle.

Depiction in Anime

In the Pokémon anime, Pupitar also evolves from Larvitar at level 30. This evolution is often depicted as a transformative process, where Larvitar’s body undergoes a metamorphosis to become Pupitar. This evolution is not only physical but also mental, as Pupitar becomes more confident and powerful after the evolution.

Evolving into Tyranitar

Pupitar’s evolution into Tyranitar is also triggered by levelling up at level 55. This evolution results in a significant increase in power and abilities, making Tyranitar a formidable opponent in battle. As a Rock/Ground type Pokémon, Tyranitar has a variety of attacks that are effective against many different types of Pokémon.

The Benefits of Evolving

In addition to the benefits of evolving in battle, evolving a Pokémon also allows the trainer to bond more closely with the Pokémon. As a trainer raises a Pokémon from its earliest stages of development and helps it evolve into a more powerful form, a special bond is formed between the trainer and the Pokémon. This bond can be seen in the way the trainer and Pokémon work together in battle, with the trainer giving commands and the Pokémon responding with powerful attacks.


Overall, Pupitar evolves from Larvitar at level 30 and into Tyranitar at level 55. This evolution process not only makes Pupitar a more powerful Pokémon but also allows for a deeper bond to form between the trainer and the Pokémon. As a trainer, it is important to remember that evolution is a key aspect of the Pokémon journey and should be embraced as a way to strengthen your team.

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