What Does SMT Mean In Text?

SMT stand for “Send Me This”. SMT is a commonly used abbreviation in texting, which has multiple interpretations. In this article, we will discuss one of the most widely used meanings of SMT, which is “Send Me This.”

What is SMT in Texting?

SMT is an abbreviation that is widely used in texting and online communication. It stands for “Send Me This,” and is used when someone wants to request a particular piece of information or an item to be sent to them. The request can be for any kind of information, including text, images, videos, documents, and so on.

When to Use SMT in Texting?

SMT is typically used when someone needs to request a specific piece of information or an item from another person in a quick and convenient manner. The recipient of the request can then respond by sending the requested information or item via text message, email, instant message, or any other communication medium.

Examples of SMT in Texting

  1. John: Hey, do you have the latest sales report for our team meeting tomorrow? Jane: Yes, I do. SMT? John: Please, send it to me.
  2. Sarah: Can you send me the recipe for your famous chocolate cake? Maria: Sure. SMT? Sarah: Yes, please.


SMT is a widely used abbreviation in texting, with the meaning “Send Me This.” It is used to request a specific piece of information or an item from another person. With the widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices, texting has become a popular and convenient way to communicate and request information quickly. SMT is just one example of the many abbreviations and shorthand terms used in texting to simplify and speed up communication.

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