What Does Pass Go Mean?

“Pass Go” is a phrase that originates from the board game Monopoly. In the game, players move around the board by rolling two six-sided dice and advance the number of spaces indicated on the dice. If a player lands on or passes the “Go” space, they collect $200 from the bank. This phrase has become a colloquialism to mean making progress or moving forward in a situation.

Achieving a significant milestone or accomplishment

In a broader context, “passing Go” can refer to achieving a significant milestone or accomplishment. It can also refer to making a significant amount of money, as in the game, passing Go is associated with receiving a financial reward. In this sense, the phrase is often used in business or financial contexts.

Struggling to make progress

However, the phrase can also be used in a negative context. For example, if someone is trying to accomplish a task and they keep getting stuck or held back, someone might say that they can’t “pass Go.” This implies that the person is struggling to make progress and is not getting to where they need to be.

Use of the phrase in pop culture

The phrase “pass Go” has also been used in pop culture, such as in movies and TV shows, as a way to add a sense of excitement and urgency to a scene. In these instances, the phrase is often used to signify that a character is on the brink of achieving something important and that the stakes are high.


Overall, the phrase “Pass Go” is a colloquialism that can have multiple meanings and connotations depending on the context in which it is used. It can refer to making progress and achieving a significant milestone or accomplishment, but it can also refer to the struggle to make progress or move forward in a situation.

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