What Time Does Walmart Auto Center Open?

Walmart Auto Center usually opens at 7 am. Walmart Auto Center is a subsidiary of Walmart Stores, Inc., one of the largest retailers in the world. As its name suggests, the Walmart Auto Center is a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs, offering a range of services, including tire and battery replacement, oil changes, and general maintenance.

If you’re considering visiting the Walmart Auto Center, it’s important to know when they’re open. In this article, we’ll go into detail about the operating hours of Walmart Auto Centers, what services they offer, and how to find a location near you.

Operating Hours

The operating hours of Walmart Auto Centers can vary depending on the location, but most centers are open 7 days a week, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. It’s important to note that these hours are subject to change, especially during holidays or special events, so it’s always best to check the specific hours of the Walmart Auto Center you’re interested in visiting. You can do this by visiting the Walmart website, where you can find a directory of all Walmart Auto Centers, or by contacting the store directly.

Services Offered

Walmart Auto Centers offer a range of services for your vehicle, including:

  • Tire and Battery Replacement: Walmart Auto Centers have a wide selection of tires from top brands, as well as batteries for all types of vehicles. The trained technicians at the center can help you find the right tires or batteries for your vehicle and install them quickly and efficiently.

  • Oil Changes: Walmart Auto Centers offers quick and affordable oil changes, using high-quality oil and filters. They also offer a range of other preventive maintenance services, such as air filter and wiper blade replacements.

  • General Maintenance: In addition to tire and battery replacement and oil changes, Walmart Auto Centers also offers a range of general maintenance services, such as brake inspections, suspension work, and engine diagnostic services.

  • Vehicle State Inspections: Some Walmart Auto Centers also offer vehicle state inspections, where they’ll check your vehicle to make sure it meets the state’s safety and emissions standards.

  • Car Wash: Some Walmart Auto Centers have car wash services available, where you can get your vehicle cleaned and refreshed.

Finding a Location Near You

Finding a Walmart Auto Center near you is easy, thanks to the Walmart website. Simply visit the Walmart website and use the store locator tool to find a Walmart Auto Center near you. You can also find information about the services offered at each center, as well as the hours of operation and contact information.


In conclusion, Walmart Auto Centers are a convenient and affordable option for all your automotive needs. With a range of services, including tire and battery replacement, oil changes, general maintenance, and convenient operating hours, Walmart Auto Centers are the perfect place to take care of your vehicle. Whether you’re in need of a quick oil change or a complete maintenance check, Walmart Auto Centers have you covered.

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