What Is a Group of Owls Called?

Owls have long fascinated humans with their mysterious nature and nocturnal behaviors. From their silent flight to their mesmerizing eyes, these birds of prey have earned a special place in folklore, mythology, and popular culture. Beyond their individual charm, owls also possess a unique way of coming together as a group. In this article, we’ll explore what a group of owls is called, the significance of owl group names, unusual examples, and the evolution of these fascinating terms.

Explanation of Group Terminology

When it comes to collective nouns, the English language is rich with descriptive terms. These nouns are used to refer to a collection or group of things, including animals. For example, a group of lions is called a pride, and a group of wolves is called a pack. In the case of owls, their group names often reflect their mysterious and enigmatic nature.

Common Group Names for Owls

Owls are generally solitary creatures, but certain circumstances can bring them together. One of the most commonly used terms for a group of owls is parliament. This name originates from the idea that owls are wise and intelligent creatures, resembling the wise members of a parliamentary assembly. Additionally, a group of owls can also be referred to as a congress, a study, or a stare.

The Significance of Owl Group Names

The group names associated with owls carry various cultural and symbolic associations. Owls have long been associated with wisdom and knowledge in different cultures around the world. The choice of “parliament” as a group name emphasizes the perceived wisdom and intelligence of owls. These names contribute to the mystique and allure surrounding these magnificent birds.

Furthermore, owl group names also play a role in conservation and awareness efforts. By giving them distinct group names, people are encouraged to view owls not just as solitary creatures but as beings that can form social connections. This understanding promotes empathy, conservation efforts, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

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Unusual Group Names for Owls

In addition to the commonly used group names, there are some intriguing and lesser-known terms associated with owls. These names often draw inspiration from mythology, folklore, and regional variations. For instance, a group of owls can be called a “parliament of owlets” when referring to a gathering of young owls. Other interesting names include a “bazaar of owls,” a “library of owls,” or even a “cauldron of owls.”

These unique and imaginative group names add to the fascination and enchantment of the owl species. They evoke imagery, evoke curiosity, and demonstrate the creativity of language and human imagination.

The Evolution of Owl Group Names

The origins of owl group names can be traced back to historical, linguistic, and cultural influences. The term “parliament” can be found as early as the 14th century in the works of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Over time, these names have evolved and gained popularity, becoming widely recognized.

Linguistic and language influences have also played a role in shaping owl group names. Some names may have been influenced by the sounds owls make or the way they communicate with each other. The hooting and calling of owls have inspired terms like a “hoot” or a “hooting” of owls.

Regional and local variations further contribute to the diversity of owl group names. Different cultures and communities may have their own unique terms for groups of owls. For example, in some parts of the United Kingdom, a group of owls is called a “parliamentary committee,” highlighting the connection to the British parliamentary system.


Are all owls part of a group or only a certain species?

Owls are generally solitary creatures, and not all species gather in groups. Group formations often occur during specific circumstances or breeding seasons

Are there different group names for specific types of owls?

While some group names like “parliament” are generally applicable to all owls, there might be regional or folklore-specific group names associated with certain owl species.

Are owl group names used scientifically or just informally?

Owl group names are primarily used informally and in popular culture. In scientific contexts, owls are typically referred to as solitary creatures.


In conclusion, a group of owls is commonly referred to as a “parliament,” showcasing their association with wisdom and intelligence. However, there are various other names like “congress,” “study,” or “stare” that are used to describe these magnificent birds when they come together. These group names not only add to the allure of owls but also serve as a way to promote conservation and raise awareness about these fascinating creatures.

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