What Does Vitality Do In Elden Ring?

Vitality is a character attribute that influences a player’s maximum health points (HP). The higher the Vitality stat, the more HP a player’s character will have, making it an essential aspect to consider when building a character in Elden Ring. Elden Ring is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. The game features a challenging combat system, and players will need to carefully manage their character’s stats to succeed. One of the most important stats in the game is Vitality. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what Vitality does in Elden Ring and how players can best utilize it.

Vitality and Health Points (HP)

Vitality is a stat that determines a player character’s health points (HP). In other words, the higher a player’s Vitality stat, the more HP their character will have. This is an important stat to invest in as it directly affects a player’s survivability in combat.

In Elden Ring, combat can be punishing, and enemies can deal significant damage. Having a higher Vitality stat means that players can withstand more hits from enemies before needing to heal. This is especially important in Elden Ring, where healing items are limited, and players need to conserve them as much as possible.

Resistance to Physical Damage

Another important aspect of Vitality is that it increases a player’s resistance to physical damage. This means that a character with a higher Vitality stat will take less damage from physical attacks. This can make a huge difference in combat, where enemies often rely on physical attacks to deal damage.

Having a higher Vitality stat also means that players are less likely to be killed by a single blow, which can be especially useful against bosses or other tough enemies. A player with low Vitality may be killed in a single hit from a powerful enemy, whereas a player with a high Vitality stat will be able to survive longer in combat.

Equipping Heavy Armor and Weapons

In addition to increasing a player’s HP and resistance to physical damage, having a higher Vitality stat can also allow players to equip heavier armor and weapons without being slowed down by their weight. In Elden Ring, armor and weapons have weight, and if a player’s total weight exceeds a certain threshold, their movement speed will be reduced.

By investing in Vitality, players can increase the maximum weight they can carry without being slowed down. This can be useful for players who prefer a tanky playstyle, as they can absorb more damage and deal more damage with heavy weapons.

Investing in Vitality

Investing in Vitality is important for players who want to survive longer in combat and take more hits from enemies. However, it’s important to note that investing in Vitality doesn’t necessarily mean neglecting other stats. Players should still invest in stats that increase their damage output or spellcasting ability, such as Strength, Dexterity, or Arcane.

In addition, players should consider their playstyle when investing in Vitality. If they prefer a more aggressive playstyle, they may want to invest in other stats first, such as Strength or Dexterity, to increase their damage output. However, if they prefer a tanky playstyle, they should prioritize Vitality to increase their survivability.


Vitality is an important stat in Elden Ring that determines a player’s HP and resistance to physical damage. Investing in Vitality can help players survive longer in combat and allow them to equip heavier armor and weapons. While players should still invest in other stats to increase their damage output and spellcasting ability, having a high Vitality stat can be crucial for survival in Elden Ring’s punishing combat.

Players should consider their playstyle when investing in Vitality and prioritize other stats if they prefer a more aggressive playstyle. However, for players who prefer a tanky playstyle, investing in Vitality should be a top priority. In any case, managing Vitality is crucial for success in Elden Ring, and players should carefully

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