What Does Treesh Mean?

Treesh stands for the term marijuana. In recent years, the usage of slang terms within the music industry has seen a significant rise. It’s common to hear rappers and hip-hop artists use phrases that are not part of standard English in their songs, interviews, and everyday conversations. One slang term that has emerged from the rap and hip-hop scene is “treesh,” which is a variation of the word “tree.” In this article, we’ll explore the origins, meaning, and usage of “treesh” in detail.

The Origin of Treesh

The origin of “treesh” is not clear, and it’s difficult to pinpoint who first coined the term. The word likely emerged within the hip-hop community, particularly among marijuana users. The term “tree” has long been used as a slang term for marijuana, and “treesh” seems to have evolved from this usage. It’s possible that the “sh” sound was added to the end of the “tree” to give the word a more unique and distinct sound. The origin of the term may also be related to the fact that smoking marijuana is often associated with being in a relaxed and dreamy state, which is similar to being under the shade of a tree.

The Meaning of Treesh

As mentioned earlier, “treesh” is a slang term used to refer to marijuana. It’s usually used as a noun, and it can also be used as an adjective to describe someone or something high or under the influence of marijuana. The term is commonly used within the hip-hop and rap community, particularly in the lyrics of songs. It’s important to note that the usage of “treesh” is not limited to rappers or hip-hop artists; anyone who uses marijuana may use the term.

Variations of Treesh

“Treesh” is not the only slang term used to refer to marijuana. Other variations of the word include “tree,” “trees,” and “treez.” In addition, other slang terms are commonly used in the hip-hop and rap community, including “bud,” “chronic,” “ganja,” “reefer,” and “weed.” Each of these terms has its unique meaning and usage, and they may be used interchangeably with “treesh” depending on the context and the speaker.

Usage of Treesh in Popular Culture

The usage of “treesh” and other marijuana-related slang terms is common in popular culture, particularly in music and movies. Rappers and hip-hop artists, in particular, have been known to use these terms frequently in their lyrics, often as a way to express their love for marijuana and their lifestyle. Some popular songs that feature the word “treesh” or other slang terms for marijuana include “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre, “The Next Episode” by Snoop Dogg, and “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre.

In addition to music, the usage of “treesh” and other marijuana-related slang terms is also common in movies and TV shows. For example, the TV show “Weeds” centers around a suburban mom who starts selling marijuana to make ends meet. The show frequently uses marijuana-related slang terms, including “treesh.”


In conclusion, “treesh” is a slang term used to refer to marijuana, and it’s commonly used within the hip-hop and rap community. The origin of the term is not clear, but it likely emerged from the word “tree,” which is also a slang term for marijuana. Variations of “treesh” include “treesha” and “treeshy,” which can be used in similar ways.

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