What Does PO Mean In Baseball?

In baseball, the abbreviation “PO” typically stands for “put-out.” A put-out is recorded when a defensive player, such as a fielder or a pitcher, is responsible for retiring a batter or runner. There are a variety of ways in which a put-out can occur, including:

Types of put-outs:

A fielder catching a ball hit by the batter.
A fielder tagging a runner with the ball or with his glove.
A pitcher catching a runner stealing a base.
A fielder catches a ball thrown by another fielder to retire a runner.

Role of different positions:

Put-outs are an important statistic in baseball, as they are used to measure a team’s defensive performance. A team’s defensive performance can be measured by the total number of put-outs made in a game, as well as the number of put-outs made by each individual player.
There are different positions on the field in baseball and each of them has different responsibilities when it comes to put-outs. For example, an outfielder’s primary responsibility is to catch fly balls and make put-outs, while an infielder’s primary responsibility is to field ground balls and make put-outs.

Other related defensive statistics:

It’s also worth noting that there are other statistics that are closely related to put-outs, such as assists and double plays. An assist is recorded when a defensive player makes a play that leads to a put-out but does not make the put-out himself. A double play is recorded when two put-outs are made on the same play. For example, when a shortstop fields a ground ball, throws to the second baseman to force out the runner, who then throws to the first baseman to get the batter out.


In conclusion, the abbreviation “PO” in baseball refers to put-outs, which is a measure of a team’s defensive performance. Put-outs can be made in a variety of ways and are an important statistic in baseball. They are closely related to other defensive statistics such as assists and double plays, which provide additional insights into a team’s defensive performance.

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