What Does Patron Mean In Spanish?

In the Spanish language, the word “patrón” has multiple meanings. It can be used to refer to a person who is in a position of authority, such as a boss or an employer. In this context, “patrón” can be used to describe the person who is in charge of a company or organization, or the person who is responsible for managing a group of employees.

Meaning of Patrón as a pattern or model

Another meaning of “patrón” is “pattern” or “model.” This can be used to describe a specific design or layout that is repeated or followed. For example, in fashion, a designer might create a new “patrón” for a dress, which is then used to create multiple copies of the dress using the same design. In art, a “patrón” can be used to describe the blueprint or template for a painting or sculpture.

Meaning of Patrón as a leader or authority figure

In addition to these meanings, “patrón” can also refer to a person who is a leader or an authority figure. This could be someone who is respected in their community for their knowledge or skills, or someone who is looked up to by others for their leadership and guidance.


In conclusion, “patrón” is a versatile word in the Spanish language, with multiple meanings such as “boss”, “employer”, “pattern”, “model” and “leader or authority figure” depending on the context it is used.

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