What Does Elijah Judd Do For A Living?

Elijah Judd is a talented musician and music producer, who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With his impressive skills and abilities, Elijah has worked with various artists and has many music credits to his name. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Elijah Judd does for a living, and how he has achieved success in the music industry.

Early Life and Education

Elijah Judd was born in the United States and grew up in a musical family. His mother was a singer, and his father was a guitarist, so he was exposed to music at an early age. Elijah showed a keen interest in music, and he started playing the piano and guitar when he was just six years old. He also learned to play the drums and bass guitar, and he quickly became proficient in all of these instruments.

Elijah attended the University of North Texas, where he studied music and sound engineering. During his time at the university, he honed his skills as a musician and music producer, and he started working on his own music projects.

Early Career and Music Production

After completing his studies at the University of North Texas, Elijah Judd started working as a music producer and composer. He collaborated with various artists, and he quickly gained a reputation for his creative and innovative work.

Elijah’s work as a music producer involves working with artists to create and produce music tracks. He helps them with the arrangement, recording, mixing, and mastering of their songs. Elijah has worked with artists from various genres, including hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock.

Elijah’s music production skills are highly valued in the industry, and he has been praised for his ability to create unique and memorable sounds. His work has been featured on major platforms like MTV, BET, and VH1, and he has produced music for several films and TV shows.

Music Composition

In addition to music production, Elijah Judd is also an accomplished composer. He has created music for several films and TV shows, including the hit TV series, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Elijah’s music has been praised for its emotional depth and its ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene.

Elijah’s work as a composer involves creating original music tracks for films and TV shows. He works closely with directors and producers to understand their vision for the project, and he creates music that complements the visuals and enhances the emotional impact of the scenes.

Musician and Performer

Elijah Judd is not just a music producer and composer, but also an accomplished musician and performer. He is proficient in several instruments, including the piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Elijah’s skills as a musician have helped him to create unique and memorable sounds, and his performances have been praised for their energy and passion.

As a performer, Elijah has toured with various artists and has played in front of large crowds. He has also performed at several festivals and events, including the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world.

Awards and Recognition

Elijah Judd’s talent and hard work have been recognized by the music industry, and he has received several awards and nominations for his work. In 2014, Elijah won the Best Producer award at the Indie Music Channel Awards, and he has been nominated for several other awards since then. His work has been featured in major publications like The Source and XXL, and he has been praised by music critics for his creative and innovative work.


In conclusion, Elijah Judd is a talented musician, music producer, and composer, who has achieved success in the entertainment industry through his hard work, dedication, and innovative approach to music. He has worked with various artists, produced music for films and TV shows, composed original music, and performed in front of large crowds. Elijah’s skills and abilities as a music producer, composer, and performer have earned him recognition and respect in the industry. We can expect great things from Elijah Judd in the future, and we look forward to seeing him continue to create and produce music that inspires and moves people.

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